My journey

At the age of 5, i use to help my grandma and aunt in doing the garden. Im the one who will get the soil, cover the plant n the pot with soil, sometimes, im the one will dig when transfering plants to permanent location and im enjoying it. Until they gave me a plant which i must take care to grow and have flowers. From there, i would say where my journey started. I use into planting different plants and crops. Like growing corn but didn’t had a corn🤣, growing sweet potatoes in pot that didn’t gave a fruit 😅. Growing veggies on containers that was eaten by bugs😂. But i still enjoy it.

During my elementary days, we have a gardening activity in school. And im so excited to participate everyday. We gather soil and make our own veggie beds. The school will provide the seeds and fertilizers. And we really grow veggies successfully.

I enjoy watering the plants everyday. Checking them from time to time. Looking for pest and most exciting is i use to notice how they grow everyday. From sprouting to bearing leaves. I love it when everyday it has 2 to 3 leaves. I love vines that time coz you will notice everyday how long they have grown.

In highschool days, i use to plant ornamental plants and veggies. I love to propagate ornamental plants. Like rose propagation by cuttings, propagating plants by transfering leaves to soil and soon will have a shoot coming from the side. It’s really exciting. In veggies, what i love to grow are chillies and eggplants. They are very easy to care and gives fruit after a month.

At the age of 30, i ventured into farming. I have a 3 hectare upland farm with about 2,000 feet above sea level elevation. I love the view of nature. And i love to grow fruit bearing trees.

Now i have more than 30 mango trees all bearing fruits, about 10 fruit bearing coconut trees, avocadoes jack fruits, star apple, guava, cashew, and many more. And i am now planting 100 coffee ssedlings and about 50 cacao seedlings which will be planted around the mango tree’s canopy.

Here’s my last harvest in my farm about a month ago.

And here i am harvesting avocado fruits. Its about 10 meters high.😅🤣

Also, i am now taking care of rabbits that gives me a natural fertilizer and i am practicing all natural and organic farming. I do not use chemicals in my farm. Soon, i will upload here in my blog some of my photos and daily activities in my farm.

That’s all for now as an introduction of my journey to farming.

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